Thursday, December 8, 2016

Get Ready, Get Set, Not Go :)

Yes we were ready, Yes we were packed, Yes we had our China Visa, Yes we had a Tour all booked, Yes we had a ride to the airport, It was all a Yes and a Go! So my sister, Kathleen and my brother in law, Jim came to take us to the airport at 10:30am December 5. Yes snow was in the forecast, but I didn't believe it would stop us from flying out. So there was no snow, it had just started falling when we got to the airport. I was so happy. Snow wouldn't pile up that fast? We would be flying out to Beijing China at 1:15pm to Seattle to catch our flight to Beijing. So I was surprised that at our gate the sing said our flight was delayed until 1:30pm. What? No snow no problem? Oh Seattle had the problem, not snow but lightening an low heavy clouds. Ohhhhhhhh! Noooooooo! After an hour and a half we had to reschedule:(

So our tour in China started December 7th, so we knew we would miss one day so if that happened it wouldn't be too bad. So up to the gate counter I went loaded with prayers! It was difficult to find another way to Beijing but Michelle from Delta was amazing! She first looked through flights leaving Vancouver, BC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, but the only thing she found was LA- Shanghai-Beijing, we took it but if kept kicking us out of the Shanghai to Beijing part that would have gotten us into Beijing at 11:35am. So she came over to us a little later and said she had a bad feeling about that and so she found a flight from Detroit to Beijing getting up into Beijing December 7th at 3:10pm, we took it! She flew us first class to Detroit so that was nice!

So it was only 3:00pm and we had to wait till 11:00pm to fly out and Carleigh said come to trivia so Travis came and got us at the airport and we went to Buster's to play trivia!!! Travis took us back to the airport and we had the TSA Prechk so we breezed through security and off to the gate. Boarded the plane and off we went...east to Detroit. Too funny!!! We had Nice seats and they were comfy, we slept a little, watched a movie that I cannot remember, I sort of watched the "Bourne" move that my next seat passenger was watching. Wished I wouldn't have cause now I want to know what was happening so when I have time I will have to Google it!

So we had a 5 hour layover in Detroit and by the time we landed at 6:00am I was a walking zombie! We too a tram to the gate and I sat down and I went to sleep!!! But did too, but he was more awake than I was so I think he walked around some. When I woke up at 9:30am he went across the way and got McDonalds Biscuit sandwiches with hash browns and after that I woke up some and played some Pokemon Go!!
Then at 11:30am were boarded the big plane to Beijing! What a wonderful flight! They fed us three times in the 13 hours we were in the air! Lots of movies and games on the screen right in front of each of us!

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